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We sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you visiting our website.

Asan Library, supported by the Chungcheongnam-do Asan’s Office of Education, collects and organizes various contents including books and publications to provide user-oriented intellectual information services, and it also operates experience-oriented reading programs and supports reading activities of local communities to establish the ‘Open Education Society, Life-Long Education Society.’

It is said that 'The People Who Read Are Strong, The Nation Which Reads A Lot Is Powerful.’ We will not neglect our efforts to promote the reading culture in the community.
We will continue to develop and offer a variety of reading programs, events, and social clubs to have the culture of reading to be rooted in the community.
Every member of the Asan Library, supported by the Chungcheongnam-do Asan’s Office of Education, will think from the perspective of our users and openly accept their opinions.

Better future is created with constant changes.
We will embrace and lead changes for the future, and clear a path for the future of the Asan Library, supported by the Chungcheongnam-do Asan’s Office of Education.

We hope that your experience of our website is pleasant and informative. We truly appreciate your affection and interest in our library.

Jung Myeong-Ok, A Director of the Chungnam-do Asan’s Education Office Support Asan Library


  • History 1989’s
  • History 2013’s
1989's ~ 2013's history
2013. 02. 15 Library expansion and remodeling
2008. 10. 06 The 8th Chungcheongnam-do Lifelong Learning Festival
2005. 10. Infinite book rental service
2009. 08 .24 Opened the Taekwondo Training Center
2004. 12. Expansion of the Children's resource room and installation of the anti-lost system
2002. 12. 17 Establishment of the National Assembly Library and start the original text database service
2002. 02. 01 Opened the digital resource center
2000. 10. 30 Opened the electronic resource center
1996. 11. 11 Changed the name to Asan Library (Ordinance No. 2605)
1991. 03. 26 Changed the name to Onyang Library
1990. 10. 22 Opened at 158-7 Silok-dong, Asan-si
1990. 08. 22 Completed the construction of Onyang Municipal Library
1989. 12. 15 Onyang Municipal Library installation ordinance promulgated (No. 276)
1989. 06. 26 Approval of the facility as Onyang Municipal Library

Staff Introduction

Division phone number

  • Material room: +82-41-541-1020
  • Library and information science room: +82-41-541-1022
  • Administrative office: +82-41-541-1025

Overview of Asan Library

Material Status

Book info
General Book Reference Book Children Book Nonbook (item) Total Periodical (item)
Purchase Donation Total
48,400 15,003 48,917 4,394 116,714 23 100 123

Overview of Facilities

Library Facilities
  • Site : 2,170㎡ (656 pyeong)
  • Building space : 1,978.05㎡(598 pyeong)
Floor Plans
Floor Plans info
Classification Facilities
B1 Book stacks, Storage
1F General material room, Children material room, Mon and child material room
2F Director’s room, Office, Lifelong learning room 2,3, Club room 1,3, Rest room
3F Lifelong learning room 1, Reading room, Computer room
4F Water tank
  • General Material Room : General books (accession, themed book), Periodicals, Data retrieval, Internet information search, Originals of National Assembly search, Providing reading inside and circulation
  • Children Material Room : Toddler and children books for toddlers and elementary school students, Periodicals, Data retrieval, Providing reading inside and circulation
  • Mom and child material room : Providing picture books for infants and toddlers, Events such as story-telling, reading, etc. as a shared family space
  • Lifelong learning room : Operating throughout the year including lifelong education programs for improving the quality of life for local residents, parent education, children's programs for improving educational level, reading classes, and field trips programs
  • Club room : Culture love meeting space for reading clubs and in-depth study after taking lifelong learning class
  • Reading room : an open learning space available for self-directed learning of all local residents

How to reach us


Public Transportation

  • Take on No. 300, 301, 302, 303, 310, 340, 402, 403, and 4040 at Onyang terminal and Onyang, Onyangoncheon station
    ▶ Get off at Asan Office of Education stop

Library Contact

  • Address : 53 Munhwa-ro, Asan-si, Chungnam (158-7 Silok-dong)
  • Tel : Material room +82-41-541-1020
  • Tel : Library and information science room +82-41-541-1022,1025
  • Fax : +82-41-533-1020